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Farming god

Jul 15, 2017

Science Mike and Michael Gungor of the Liturgists podcast help me wrestle with what Wild Goose Festival means for Christianity. Originally published after the 2016 Wild Goose Festival, we are joined by a host of authors and speakers who discuss topics ranging from transgender Christianity to support for recovering...

Jul 9, 2017

Smoke Signals at

Poet Mirabai Starr, emergent post-pastor Rick Diamond, Christian Shaman Iris Bolton, professor and social activist Joerg and RoseMarie Rieger, Sunday morning dance church, and a visit to Christian China.

Episodes in order of appearance:

Jul 2, 2017

‘Lumberjacking’ in the Kettle Moraine, eating steak sandwiches, and swimming east, where no humans live.

Jun 25, 2017

An intersection with Anthony- Hiking, camping, thinking along the Ice Age Trail, raising awareness for veteran suicide, in the Kettle moraine of eastern Wisconsin.

Newsletter at

Jun 18, 2017

To learn more about Farm Church, Green Gate Farms, or the community living Shannon references, go to 'Farm Church and Feminine Spirituality' on .

For the first time Farming god is doing a show loosely related to farming. I had the privilege of speaking with Brin Bon and Shannon Preston (@PrestonCottage)...